Raising animals in Minecraft is a crucial activity that supplies players with vital resources. Raising chickens, pigs, or cows doesn't take much time or effort but yields significant benefits — a farm allows for the regular replenishment of food and other items in chests.

In this article, we'll explain how to breed and raise domestic animals.

Where does animal husbandry begin?

Where does animal husbandry begin in MinecraftImage: minecraft.fandom.com 

It all starts with choosing a location! It's recommended to place your farm in grassy areas on plains. This can be an open pen or an enclosed one. A fence, which we discussed in another article, will protect the pets from many dangers. However, the advantage of an enclosed pen is that skeletons and other hostile mobs won't be able to attack + harm your pets at night.

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It is also recommended to place chests and prepare the food that the animals will eat. Each creature has its own preferences, which we’ll discuss separately below.

Once the basic preparations are done, it's time to tame some pets!

How to domesticate a game creature?

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A wild type cannot be useful on a farm under any circumstances. So, the first thing a player needs to do is bring the creature to the ranch. There are two ways to do this:

  • Show the animal its favorite food. It will focus intently on the treat. The player can lure the mob to the desired location using the food.
  • A better option is to use a lead, which we discussed in another article. The process is the same, but the player needs to control the animal with the lead and guide it to the farm.

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In Minecraft, animals do not have genders, so breeding requires two mobs of the same type. However, you can crossbreed a horse and a donkey to get a mule, which, like in real life, cannot reproduce.

Chickens are different from other pets in that the player can throw a few eggs into the pen to breed them. A chick hatches with a 12.5% probability, but, like other beasts, it grows quickly with proper feeding.

The basics of breeding animals in Minecraft

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Now that you have a pen and a pair of beasts ready to breed, what's next? The next step is to feed the pets their preferred food. Use the item on two mobs with a right-click. After a short time, hearts will appear above their heads, signaling a unique state. Shortly thereafter, a baby animal will be born.

The basics of breeding animals in MinecraftImage: quora.com 

Afterward, they’ll drop a few experience orbs. They become unavailable for breeding for 5 minutes. It takes 20 minutes for the baby animals to grow up, but using their preferred food will speed up their growth.

Repeat this process until you have the desired number of beasts on the farm. Let's move on to discussing pets in Minecraft.


Cow in MinecraftImage: pinterest.com 

Let's start with the most common animal — the cow. To tame and breed this beast, you need wheat. Cows are useful on a farm because they provide:

  • Leather, which is used to create armor.
  • Milk, which can be obtained by using an empty bucket on the cow.
  • Beef, which is used as food.

Cows avoid liquids (water, lava), height differences, and minecart rails.


Pig in MinecraftImage: beebom.com 

How to attract pigs in Minecraft? Very simple! They prefer carrots, beets, or potatoes. As with other animals, using food on a piglet will make it grow faster. Pigs are useful for:

  • Raw porkchop, which is used as food + in cooking.
  • The player can saddle the animal and ride it. While not the fastest, it is fun.


chicken in MinecraftImage: 9minecraft.net 

Chickens are easy to breed and prefer any type of seeds. Each chicken lays two eggs, making them very profitable for farming. They also provide:

  • Meat for food.
  • Feathers, the main ingredient for arrows, brushes, books, fireworks.
  • Eggs used to make cakes, pies.

Horses, donkeys, mules

Horses donkeys mules in MinecraftImage: Ensiplay

Taming horses + donkeys is a bit different: the player doesn't need to feed them their favorite food but simply try to saddle them several times. After that, the animal becomes friendly. Mules result from breeding a horse, a donkey and cannot reproduce. All three types have inventories, and you can attach a chest to mules, donkeys.

Breeding is done by feeding the animals golden apples or golden carrots. Their usefulness includes:

  • As riding beasts. Horse characteristics vary, and each generation can be better than the previous one, allowing you to breed a fast and durable steed.
  • As alternative inventory. While not very convenient, it can be useful in some cases and for long journeys.

By the way, llamas are tamed in the same manner.


rabbit in MinecraftImage: youtube.com/@Cubey_Official

This small animal prefers regular carrots, golden carrots, and dandelions. Rabbits are quite common. If you want to use them on the farm, be careful when leading them there, as wolves, foxes, and stray cats hunt them. Their main uses are:

  • Raw rabbit, which is used in cooking.
  • Rabbit hide, which can be turned into leather with four pieces.


wolf in MinecraftImage: youtube.com/@CaptainSparklez

Probably one of the most unique pets! However, it is very useful on the farm. Wolves are tamed with bones, and once tamed, they get a red collar. Any type of meat, raw or cooked, is used for breeding. The primary benefit of these predators is to protect the player. You can gather a pack, and they will defend you from hostile mobs.

Fun fact: Tamed wolves can fight each other.

There are other pets that players can tame, such as cats, which you can read about here. We have covered the main aspects of animal husbandry in Minecraft and listed the most interesting, useful creatures for farming. We hope our guide is helpful for readers.

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