Welcome all animal husbandry enthusiasts! In the enchanting and harsh medieval era, animals play a significant role. It's not just about meat, as food can be procured in other ways. However, in Manor Lords, there are also goats, cattle, horses, chickens, sheep. Let's talk about these cute, fluffy pets right now.

How to get sheep in Manor Lords?

First, let's talk about why these animals are needed. It's not hard to guess that the most valuable resource will be wool. It's highly necessary for clothing production. Sooner or later, the townspeople will tire of wearing rough leather jackets made from deer.

Maybe such clothing looks cool, but there's no need to test the patience of your wards. We wouldn't want an angry mob storming the lord's estate with pitchforks and torches, would we?

So, in Manor Lords, nothing happens at your whim. Everything needs to be done gradually, and acquiring sheep starts with a pasture. Choose the "Farming" tab, find "Pasture".

sheep manor lordsImage: Ensiplay

You can even designate territory on non-fertile lands, so pick any convenient spot.

sheep manor lordsImage: Ensiplay

Great! But where are the fluffy sheep? Should we wait a bit? No, no, the wait will last an eternity. Here, realism reigns, so the animals won't appear on their own — they need to be bought.

Move to the "Trading" tab and build a Livestock Trading Post. Here, you can purchase any livestock needed for the village.

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Purchases are made in the "Trade" tab. Select "Import" and the quantity of sheep. Noticed the price? Yes, breeding livestock isn't cheap, so it's worth engaging in trade.

sheep manor lordsImage: Ensiplay

Animals still aren't appearing! What's going on?! Actually, there's one more necessary construction. Access to it was closed, but now you can build it. It's the "Farming" tab — Sheep Farm.

sheep manor lordsImage: Ensiplay

Wonderful! Now you have fluffy cattle and can start wool production.

How to get a bonus from sheep?

The game developers came up with a very cool feature that will make them twice as useful. The thing is, fertile lands for fields won't always bloom forever and delight with good harvests. Over time, an inattentive player will be surprised to see farmers harvesting wilted weeds instead of cabbage. The land needs fertilizing, and fluffy friends will help with that.

You can turn fields into pastures while they "rest". This requires the Sheep Breeding skill in the village development menu.

sheep manor lordsImage: Ensiplay

Done! With this guide, you'll become the best livestock breeder in Manor Lords!

Main image: Slavic Magic, Manor Lords