Call of Duty (COD) is renowned for its exciting gameplay and the ability to personalise your in-game character with various skins. One of the most sought-after skins in recent times is the Snoop Dogg skin, a unique and captivating addition to the game. This guide will take you through the steps to unlock the Snoop Dogg skin in Call of Duty.

How to Unlock the Snoop Dogg Skin in COD 

With this concise step-by-step guide, ensuring you stand out on the virtual battlefield.

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Access the In-Game Store

To begin your journey to obtaining the Snoop Dogg skin, launch Call of Duty and access the in-game store. This is typically found within the main menu or in the game's Warzone or multiplayer modes.

Once inside the in-game store, direct your attention to the "Bundles" section. This section is a treasure trove of themed packages encompassing an array of goodies, from weapon blueprints to operator skins and more.

Locating the Snoop Dogg Bundle

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The next crucial step is to track down the Snoop Dogg Bundle within the Bundles section. It's essential to note that this bundle may not always be available. It may surface during special limited-time promotions or events, so keen vigilance is key.

Purchasing the Bundle

You'll need to make it yours once you've seen the elusive Snoop Dogg Bundle. Depending on the offer, this may involve using in-game currency, COD Points, or real money. 

Equipping the Snoop Dogg Skin

Your journey culminates in this final step. After successfully acquiring the Snoop Dogg Bundle, you'll gain access to all the items within, including the highly sought-after Snoop Dogg skin. To make your operator stand out with this iconic look, venture to the operator customisation menu and equip the Snoop Dogg skin.

How to Get Snoop Dogg Skin in Call of Duty: Warzone

Unlocking the Snoop Dogg skin in Warzone is a stylish endeavour. Acquire it by purchasing his bundle for 2,400 COD points. This bundle offers more than just a new look; it includes:

  • Snoop Dog Skin
  • Bong Ripper Sniper
  • West Coast Bling Assault Rifle
  • The Shiznit Submachine Gun
  • The Original Gangsta Emblem
  • Tactical Toke Highlight Intro
  • Finishizzle Movizzle Finishing Move
  • Hit this, fam MVP Highlight
  • Mellow Metal Charm
  • High Art Spray
  • Green Weed Tracer
  • Smoke Dismemberment

Unlocking the Snoop Dogg skin in Call of Duty is simple: access the in-game store, purchase the Snoop Dogg Bundle, and outfit your operator. Stay vigilant for special offers and elevate your Call of Duty experience. Enjoy your gaming!

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