Survival in the wild is impossible without fire. Imagine if our distant ancestors had never tamed this element — we would still be running around with sticks and gathering berries. This unbreakable rule also applies to the beloved cubic world. As soon as night falls, light becomes essential for survival.

What about dungeons? They are pitch-dark even during the day, so mining for ore without torches becomes an insurmountable challenge for the player. To make a torch, you need coal, but this resource is found underground where working without light is impossible. It’s a vicious circle, but we’ll help break it.

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In the game, there are two types of coal: stone + charcoal. One is found underground, and the other is obtained by burning wood. Today we’ll explain how to make charcoal in Minecraft.

What are the differences?

Many players have likely pondered this. If you can burn trees, why bother mining stone coal at all? What’s the difference between these resources? Excellent questions with clear answers.

First, in some biomes, it’s difficult to find wood even for crafting tools. In the desert, wood is more valuable than gold, and burning it would be unwise.

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In terms of heat output, both types of coal are the same, but that’s where the similarities end. Underground, you find ore blocks that need to be smelted. Additionally, gamers can create coal blocks from this ore, which are more efficient in heat production.

This trick doesn’t work with charcoal, but it’s indispensable in the early stages of the game.

How to make charcoal in Minecraft?

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As always, we start with the basics. The player doesn’t need to run around with flint and steel setting the forest on fire; nature should be preserved, and everything should be done productively. The cornerstone of any production is the crafting table. Let’s make this item! Place 4 blocks of wooden planks in the crafting menu.

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Great! Next, you’ll need a pickaxe. If you don’t have this tool, it’s time to check out our guide on making one. Gather 8 blocks of cobblestone for a future furnace.

In the crafting table menu, the character should arrange the cobblestones in a circle to create a furnace.

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Now, let’s look at several ways to obtain charcoal. They only differ in efficiency, but the result will be the same.

Use wooden planks

For the first method, you will need blocks of wood + wooden planks. Gather plenty of resources and approach the furnace. Place the item to be burned in the top slot and the fuel in the bottom slot. Wooden planks produce more heat, so they go in the bottom slot.

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Great result! However, you can be even more efficient.

Burn coal

As we have established, coal produces a lot of heat. Therefore, it is a better fuel than wooden planks. Once you have charcoal in the furnace, place it in the bottom layer.

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This results in a long burn time and a lot of heat. Awesome!

The best fuel

With some luck or experience, you can achieve an incredible result. Answer this question: which resource in Minecraft is one of the hottest? Thought about it? Of course, it's lava! Fortunately, in this amazing world, an ordinary bucket doesn't melt from such power. If you have a bucket and a nearby lava source, you get the best fuel!

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Place this in the bottom slot and enjoy the productivity!

Where to use charcoal?

The journey was worth it, as you now have a very useful resource in your inventory. Use it as fuel for smelting ores, crafting torches, and making fire charges.

With this guide, producing charcoal in Minecraft becomes much easier! Now, any player can create new items to embark on a journey through the world of Minecraft!

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