One of the curious items in Minecraft that expands user capabilities for interacting with the world is the lead. Our article will guide readers on finding the necessary ingredients and creating one.

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What is a lead in Minecraft?

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This thing is a tool that allows you to move creatures behind you or tie them up. To use the item, the gamer needs to hold it in their hand and right-click on the animal they want to control. After that, the character simply leads the creature.

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To leave a creature tied to a fence post, the player needs to aim at the so-called pet and right-click.

How to make a lead in Minecraft?

To create this thing, place 4 strings + 1 slimeball on a crafting table in the following arrangement (as shown in the picture).

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From the required ingredients, you immediately get 2 leads. Once created, the item is ready for use. However, users should remember certain features:

  • You cannot tie up NPC people (such as villagers) and bosses.
  • The maximum distance an animal with a lead can move away is 10 blocks. If it is tied to a fence, the limit is 5 blocks. If the distance is exceeded, the item will drop next to the mob.
  • Rope in Minecraft can also be used on mules or donkeys with chests.
  • Fun fact: leads can even be used on bees.

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Where to find the necessary ingredients?

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String is a fairly common item obtained in various ways — from fishing to chests. The best way to obtain this resource is from spiders, which hunt every night and also appear in dungeons, caves. Sunlight has a calming effect on them, so they are not hostile to the player during the day.

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Spiders are common mobs, so getting this ingredient for a lead should not be difficult. On the other hand, obtaining a slimeball is not as easy.

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Slimes, from which it drops, can be encountered with low probability while exploring caves or mines. However, they are most often found at night in swampy areas. During the full moon, the chance to track down this creature is noticeably higher, but during the new moon, they do not appear at all.

Slimes are much more dangerous than spiders and are famous for their ability to split, so when venturing out for a slimeball, the gamer should prepare equipment, food, potions.

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By the way, a lead can also be obtained not only by crafting at a crafting table. With some chance, the thing is located in chests in the Woodland Mansion in the dark forest, as well as in locations like Trail Ruins + Ancient City. Additionally, the item can be obtained by killing a wandering trader or their llamas. It is not humane, but the possibility exists.

We hope our guide was helpful, and you managed to make a lead.

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