Fighting type Pokémon have proven themselves to be excellent companions since the first generation. Most of them, of course, prefer close contact with the enemy and have a solid set of physical moves to knock out their foes. The design of today's featured characters is quite similar: muscular, battle-ready stances, fierce looks.

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However, they pose no threat to Ghost kind Pokémon, as they cannot deal physical damage to them. But Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, and it can be quite difficult for these warriors to withstand a barrage of blows. This makes Fighting one of the most effective types. In our article, we present the twenty best representatives.


BuzzwoleImage: Ensiplay

Buzzwole has already made it to our list of the best bug Pokémon. It’s no surprise that among all Fighting type Pokémon, this hero is one of the strongest. The design alone is impressive — a brutal, red-orange insect with a long, spear-like proboscis.

But this character is valued not only for its impressive appearance. The combos Buzzwole possesses, including the abilities "Lunge" + "Superpower", deal significant damage, and high HP allows it to stay in battle for a long time.



The steel unicorn does not like people but has a calm, reserved nature. Known as a protector of Pokémon, the creature actually has powerful armor and resistance to many types of damage. Cobalion is a determined fighter, using "Sacred Sword", "Iron Head" in battles to defeat enemies. High speed often allows the warrior to attack first.



The massive ogre-troll is the final evolutionary form of Timburr and has a pure Fighting type. This imposes certain limitations in battles. Incredibly low speed makes the warrior slow, vulnerable.

But advantages are revealed in attack + HP: Conkeldurr can withstand a lot of damage. If the character gets a chance to strike back, it can be the last for many opponents. The abilities "Guts", "Iron Fist" significantly increase strength, making it one of the most powerful among Fighting types.


HeracrossImage: Ensiplay

Once again, a Pokémon from the top bug list has made it into our selection! Despite having weaknesses of both types, this fighter still shows excellent results thanks to HP, attack, defense, speed. Knocking out this iron insect is quite difficult, and counterattack poses a significant threat to the opponent's team.

The mega form strengthens the hero, allowing it to combine "Skill Link", "Rock Blast", dealing even more damage to enemies. By compensating for weaknesses with strong moves, Heracross becomes one of the outstanding representatives of the Fighting type.



This Pokémon embodies both Fire/Fighting kinds. Attacks can be truly fiery, as the creature can ignite fists! The real strength of Emboar lies in offensive skills: "Reckless", "Flare Blitz", which allow the hero to easily deal with enemies, but also cause the warrior to take some damage itself.

This is both an advantage and a disadvantage for the warrior. Low speed, defense make it hard for the fighter to survive a prolonged battle. However, if the character gets a chance to strike, the hero can be critical for many opponents. Emboar requires careful but decisive gameplay, and its outstanding qualities earn it a deserved place in our top list.



The next fighter on our list stands out not only for high attack, speed stats but also for mega form. In this form, Gallade's power increases significantly, and the "Sword Dance" ability further enhances the hero! However, the Pokémon has low HP, defense, which partly balances the character and prevents it from playing too aggressively.



By characteristics, the hero clearly lacks speed + defense. But its mighty arms, which can lift a truck, can knock out many creatures with the force of their blow. Additionally, Hariyama has a high HP stat, allowing it to withstand strong hits.

Various abilities offer several usage options: the "Guts" ability is aimed at dealing maximum damage, while "Thick Fat" increases survivability. All of this makes the warrior one of the best representatives of the Fighting type.


InfernapeImage: Ensiplay

The fiery monkey has a rather interesting fighting style — the animal uses all limbs in battle, making the battle look more like a dance. Nevertheless, Infernape is a highly versatile Pokémon with excellent attack, speed, and several outstanding abilities. For example, "Blaze", "Mach Punch", or "Flare Blitz" allow the fighter to quickly deal with weakened targets. However, its weak defense, HP require careful, strategic play with this companion.



It's hard to classify this Pokémon as a Fighting type due to appearance: it seems like a creature that vaguely resembles a unicorn should be more friendly. But Keldeo loves to battle and roams the world in search of new battles. Thanks to strong special attack stats, speed, the abilities "Hydro Pump", "Sacred Sword", the warrior gains an advantage over many opponents.



Of course, our top list wouldn't be complete without the formidable reptile Kommo-o! The Pokémon excels in all aspects: high stats, resistance to many types, and just a cool design. On top of all this is the "Stealth Rock" ability, which damages opponents as they enter the battlefield. Altogether, this makes the battle lizard an indispensable element for many game strategies.



A truly astonishing dragon capable of transforming into five different forms depending on the terrain. The character's origin is unknown, but it is said to be a distant relative of Cyclizar. In close combat, few can match Koraidon — its formidable appearance justifies high stats and powerful abilities like "Scale Shot", "Sword Dance", "Flare Blitz."



Like many Fighting type representatives, Lucario often lacks HP + defense, which is compensated by outstanding normal, special attack values. The fighter’s skills also give it a competitive edge: "Sword Dance" combined with "Meteor Mash" deals reliable and effective damage to the opponent. The mega form further expands the Pokémon's utility, making it one of the best characters for aggressive tactics.



Machamp has an amazingly expressive, unique design. Thanks to appearance, it has repeatedly appeared in various anime, manga, games. The Pokémon looks really cool, and in battle, it performs excellently: high stats and a variety of abilities provide reliable damage. The Gigantamax form makes opponents tremble.

Although the character lacks resistance to many types, sufficient HP, the fighter still holds a well-deserved place not only in our list but also in the hearts of many fans.



A legendary Pokémon resembling an Iron Boulder and rumored to be a distant relative. Its massive body has destructive power, which Terrakion once used to protect other creatures. The fighter’s advantages are justified by attack, speed, and resistance to many elements, as well as a variety of physical damage abilities.

An amazing fact: Terrakion is a member of the Swords of Justice group, consisting of three legendary heroes. The character and partly the appearance of this warrior may refer to Porthos from the novel "The Three Musketeers".



A unique Pokémon with two developmental forms, strikingly different from each other. The first — Rapid Strike Style — has a dual Water/Fighting, while the second — Single Strike Style — has a Fighting, Dark. Depending on the choice, the Gigantamax forms and combat abilities change. The stats are the same for both variants and remain at a good level except for special attack, defense.

Urshifu is a strong, versatile fighter that allows players to experiment with different tactics and proves useful in almost any situation.



The next Pokémon on our list is also unique and has two forms: Hero of Many Battles with a pure Fighting type, Crowned Shield, which adds a Steel kind. Both variants have strong stats, appear formidable, resilient, powerful warriors. Few can compare to Zamazenta in any form.

Thanks to stats, this character can be both a main attacker and a defender in the team. The variability in strategy makes the companion one of the best representatives of the Fighting class.



Adorable creatures resembling lemurs live in groups of up to 20 individuals. Passimian is a nimble, fast, and strong warrior. Moreover, this hero is the only Pokémon with the "Receiver" ability, which allows it to borrow the abilities of a fallen comrade.

The combat skills "Close Combat" + "Knock Off" deserve special attention, enabling the warrior to be a successful attacker. 



Inspired by a flying squirrel and a parrot, this fighter has an advantage in speed, attack over other Pokémon. These strengths are complemented by the ability to learn "Sword Dance", which further increases damage. The rest of stats are balanced. Hawlucha performs excellently in battles.

Slither Wing

Slither WingImage: 

A huge creature resembling a fiery moth, it has an unusual dual Bug and Fighting type, being a paradoxical entity. This doesn’t affect gameplay but indicates that such Pokémon have distant relatives either in the past or the future. Slither Wing, for example, closely resembles Volcarona.

In battle, this ancient predecessor uses abilities like "U-turn", "Close Combat" to lower opponents’ defenses and attack effectively. It’s also best to summon the companion in sunlight, as usefulness increases thanks to the "Protosynthesis" ability.



This character looks even more astonishing, as it combines Fighting/Ghost types! Nevertheless, most moves deal physical damage. Talk about a true Pokémon paradox! Like many other representatives in our top list, this warrior primarily employs one strategy — aggressive offense with the goal of knocking out the opponent as quickly as possible. 

Thanks to high HP, Annihilape can survive prolonged battles, and good normal, special defense stats protect it from enemy attacks.

Do you have a favorite Fighting Pokémon? We look forward to hearing from readers in the comments!

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