Overwatch, released in 2016, truly redefined the standards of first-person shooters. In some ways, it can be called a mix of MOBA and classic team shooters like Counter-Strike or Quake. But this was exactly what many gamers had been waiting for. The result was immediate — the game formed a dedicated community that remains loyal to the series, despite the rather controversial second part.

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But the original gameplay, colorful arenas are not the only things that set the game apart from its genre counterparts. In both the first, second parts of Overwatch, there is a well-thought-out system of in-game economy that encourages progress and player engagement in online battles. In our article, we will discuss the types of currency in Overwatch 2 and how to obtain them.

What can be bought with different currencies in Overwatch 2?

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As in the first part, currency in the second part is used solely for purchasing various cosmetics: hero skins, weapon skins, chat emotes, victory poses, etc. There are no pay-to-win mechanics in the game, and any spending of so-called money is aimed solely at demonstrating your uniqueness to teammates + opponents. However, you can do without this and simply enjoy the shooter.

What kinds of currency are present in Overwatch 2?

Currently, there are 5 types of in-game currency:

  • Coins;
  • Credits;
  • League Tokens;
  • Competitive Points;
  • Mythic Prisms.

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Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Overwatch coins

The most common type of in-game currency. With these, you can purchase almost any skins, the Premium Battle Pass, and other cosmetic items.

So, this is how to earn Overwatch coins:

  • Leveling up the Battle Pass: Completing it fully grants 600 coveted coins. Considering that the premium pass costs 1000, completing two Battle Passes covers the cost of one new one.
  • Completing tasks: If you play on a PC with a Microsoft or Xbox account, try completing simple tasks offered by the service. These include using the search feature, earning achievements in games through the Xbox app, and making purchases through the Microsoft Store. Completing these tasks earns you special points that can be converted into coins.
  • Purchasing coins in the in-game store or on Battle.net: If you play just for fun and not for unlocking new levels but want to show off new character updates, buy them with real money. Ultimately, a player saves either time or money!

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Previously, users could earn a small amount of coins by completing weekly challenges (60 for all 11). However, in season 10, developers stopped awarding coins for weekly challenges. Instead, they increased the bonus for completing tasks in the Battle Pass from 540 to 600.

Overwatch credits

Credits in Overwatch 2 are a less valuable form of in-game currency. With them, players can purchase not all cosmetics but only fairly standard sets of weapon skins and so on. However, it's a matter of taste, and many users prefer these sets over the regularly updated ones available for coins.

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Credits were the main currency in the first part of the game. Initially, they were planned to be replaced entirely by coins. All unused credits were converted into Legacy Credits, which players could spend on certain character visual enhancements. However, starting from season three, they were reintroduced as a full-fledged currency.

Currently, to earn credits, you need to:

  • Level up the Battle Pass: Completing the free version fully grants 1500 points, and the premium version grants an additional 500.
  • Complete the weekly challenge "Making Progress": This involves gaining 8 progression levels and grants 150 credits weekly.

Overwatch League Tokens

These are necessary for purchasing skins and items related to the teams participating in the Overwatch League. Such outfits usually feature team logos, color schemes, or other identifiers that clearly indicate a player's preferences on the professional scene.

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Currently, rewards can be obtained only in two ways:

  1. Purchase them in the in-game store or on the official website.
  2. Earn them by watching Overwatch 2 League broadcasts on the official Twitch channel (3 tokens per hour of viewing).

Competitive points

This is another Overwatch currency, alongside credits, that cannot be purchased with real money. The name speaks for itself — it is awarded for successfully completing matches. These points can be spent on buying Weapon Variants, which change the standard color of a character's weapon to golden or jade.

Unused currency at the end of the calendar year becomes legacy competitive points, but it can still be used to purchase weapon variants.

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Overwatch Competitive Points can be earned for:

  • Each match: 10 points for a match win, 5 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.
  • Filling the Competitive Progression Bar, where 3 points are given for a match win and 1 for a draw or loss. For every 30 Competitive Progression points, you get 100. A maximum of 3,000 can be earned this way per season.

Mythic prisms

The newest in-game currency, introduced in the tenth season. These prisms can be used to purchase mythic skins, which were available as rewards in the Battle Pass two seasons ago (in the 10th season, mythic skins from the 7th season).

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There are very limited ways to obtain mythic prisms:

  • Purchase them in the in-game store.
  • Complete the premium track of the Battle Pass. The standard track does not award them.

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We have told you about all the current types of currency and ways to earn coins in Overwatch 2. Of course, even this article might not be enough to avoid confusion with all the types and features of their use.

If you feel the need for an analysis of the in-game finances or are ready to share interesting ways to increase earnings in the shooter, feel free to join the comments!

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