Worms Armageddon is a 2D artillery tactical shooter with turn-based gameplay. It follows the visual style of the series, and you control a team of cartoonish worms that fight with real-based weapons. While the game was developed in the late 90s, the newest version is available on Steam since 2013.

The core gameplay is focused on turn-based PvP battles. Each player can perform an action during their turn. You have numerous possibilities: you can move your worms, attack opponents, use different items and so on. The goal is to defeat other players.

The only stat a worm has is its health. On the contrary, there is a huge variety of weapons and constructions that can be used during the fight. Weapons have different parameters and unique abilities. Some of them, such as flamethrower, are based on real models, while the others, like explosive moles, are completely fictional.