Match Endpoint EP vs RUBY | 21.05

On May, 21 2024 08:57 (UTC) (3 weeks ago) at the Regular Phase of the 2024 CCT Season 2 European Series #4 Counter-Strike 2 Championship Endpoint and RUBY will play a fight

Team EP (rank #128) is 48 places beyond RUBY (rank #80).

Teams had no previous encounters.

In the eyes of bookies the champion of this fight will be RUBY with maximum odd of 1.60 offered by Pinnacle.

Team EP will be represented by Surreal, CRUC1AL, MiGHTYMAX, AZUWU, cej0t. Whereas Team RUBY is by w1nt3r, dekzz, sowalio, Kaide, mo0n.

EP current winrate is 30.00% against RUBY's 60.00%.

EP current streak is 1 loses against RUBY's 1 wins.