A Counter-Strike 2 fan from Austria recovered $14,096 from Valve, which he spent on opening cases in the shooter. The judge called the loot box mechanic an "illegal gambling game".

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According to the CEO of the company Padronus, the judge who handled the case knew about Counter-Strike.

He immediately understood the essence of the case, which is rare in issues related to video games.
The director 

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Valve lost the case in an Austrian court. At the hearing, cases were recognized as analogs of loot boxes, and a decision was made for 14,000 euros in favor of the gamer who spent on them.

The recent decision that loot boxes are gambling games marks a significant step towards protecting consumer rights and transparency in the video game sector. The decision reflects potential concerns about gambling elements and emphasizes the need to protect players, especially minors, from potential risks.
a Lawyer 

In a similar process with Sony and EA, the Salzburg law firm and Padronus employee proved that the contents of the cases, which are generated randomly, are analogous to gambling games. At the time of publication, the verdict has not yet become legally binding. It is worth noting that the court's decision is not yet mandatory.

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