CS2 generated a lot of hype leading up to its release. Nonetheless, the final version of the shooter has proven to be suboptimal in some areas.

A comparison of the hitbox and player model in CS2 has emerged online. A user named Joleksu on "X" has discovered a mismatch between the hitbox and the player model in CS2.

Testing, conducted using the commands bot_mimic and ent_hitbox, revealed that the hitbox significantly mismatches the actual size of the character.

Users have noted that the difference is most noticeable when a player looks down and holds a knife or bomb in hand. Moreover, significant deviations are observed during character movement.

CS2Image credit: x.com

Back in the spring, blogger Ansimist reported that the developers had aligned the head hitboxes of agents in CS2. He noted that Valve had increased the head volumes by 4-20%, providing all objects with a capsule shape.

Main image: Steam