Fans of Counter-Strike 2 have found a way to avoid taking fall damage as a defender in the shooter. To do this, players need to fall onto an enemy-planted bomb and immediately begin to defuse it. A video demonstrating the bug was published on Reddit by a gamer under the nickname MmX_A_.

This glitch can only be exploited with a planted bomb. You must fall onto it and press the defuse button before landing. If done correctly, the character will not take damage.

At the time of the article's publication, representatives from Valve had not commented on the discovery of the bug — it is still present in the updated version of the shooter. Some users have noted that such a bug works not only on the map Nuke. The ability to avoid damage is present everywhere.

The height of the fall does not seem to matter. One of the players pointed out that the main difficulty lies in landing precisely on the bomb, as the operative slightly deviates while falling.

With a normal jump, a player loses more than 20 HP.

Main image: YouTube