Bullet registration in CS2 can deteriorate after pressing the Alt+Tab keys, which are used to minimize the game. This conclusion was reached by a player of the shooter, known under the nickname rak_fps. He published a screenshot showing an example of the bug on Reddit.

CS2Image credit: Reddit

Gamers noted that the bug is not in the bullet registration itself, but in the display of their flight. However, some players also paid attention to the Alt+Tab issue. For instance, the esports athlete Viktor "Lack1" Boldyrev reported that before pressing the key combination, everything in the shooter was "perfect" for him. At the time of publishing this article, representatives of Valve Corporation had not commented on the situation.

Earlier, a patch was released for CS2 which fixed several bugs. For example, a bug was fixed where player collisions sometimes caused them to "fly" upwards, and an error was eliminated that allowed users to climb up walls in the center of the Mirage map. Well, it seems the developers still have a lot of work to do in fixing all the bugs to satisfy the fans of the shooter.

Main image: Yahoo