In 2023, Valve released Counter-Strike 2. The project broke several Steam records, but then got mired in a series of unpleasant scandals due to bugs. Unfortunately, time is not on the side of the developers, and apparently, the players feel the same. The situation has not improved but worsened. Many players are seriously worried about the fate of CS2, as the developers are slow to share their plans regarding the long-term support of the shooter.

On social media and forums, there have been increasing posts from Counter-Strike fans negatively assessing their gaming experience in 2024.

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According to players, CS2 still suffers from unpleasant bugs. It's still unclear which issues the developers plan to fix and which they will ignore. The lack of direct communication with the developers is seen by players as a key problem of Counter-Strike 2.

Users note that many expected the shooter to offer new regular content and technical stability. Due to the developers' silence, gamers are calling on Valve to at least publish a tentative roadmap of planned updates. This would reassure many players and help the community more effectively respond to issues in the shooter.

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While initially, players were understanding of Valve's closed communication policy, they expected CS2 to be more polished and content-rich at release. There is a belief that the upcoming IEM Katowice tournament will change everything: major updates may follow the conclusion of this event.

After the release of CS2, the average daily online in October fell by 19% to 792,000, and in November, by another 10% to 714,000. Over the last month, the average daily online rose to 819,000, but fans are convinced that without timely actions from the developers, the shooter may not meet the expectations placed on it.

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