Another exploit has appeared in CS2. This time, users found a glitch in the NVIDIA driver settings that allows them to see through smoke. The exploit can be implemented using GeForce Experience filters. During gameplay, applying certain Experience filters allows players to see the silhouettes of other gamers through smoke and flashes.

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This could be considered cheating, so we do not recommend using it to avoid getting banned.

Of course, the silhouettes of players will not be seen clearly, but their shadows will be noticeable. This will be enough for detection to eliminate the opponent.

This is not the first case where drivers have caused issues for the shooter. For instance, a few weeks ago, the AMD Anti-Lag+ feature had to be removed after it accidentally triggered Valve's anti-cheat system. This led to a wave of VAC bans, which players actively complained about.

The NVIDIA exploit was also discussed on a Reddit thread, where users highlighted the danger of allowing third-party software to access game rendering.

So far, the developers have not written anything about this issue. However, Valve always tries to fix such bugs as quickly as possible.

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