Valve Corporation has released a major patch for CS2, addressing a range of bugs and errors. With the December 1st update, developers also improved animations and made numerous minor changes to the maps. 

Let's look at the full list of innovations:

  • Improved tick rate timing in interaction with various systems, including grenade throwing animations and revolver shooting;
  • Added fire effect to the "Molotov cocktail" when the player holds it in hand;
  • Reduced the maximum angle of the character's body rotation relative to the position of the legs;
  • Enhanced reactions to hits;
  • Jump animations are now directional;
  • Improved the character model's position when aiming up or down;
  • Enhanced model movements during running.

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  • Fixed animations when characters appear on the map;
  • Flashbang blinding animation now better represents the effect duration;
  • Fixed a bug where inspecting stabbing knives repeatedly would play the weapon switching sound;
  • Improved sound fade of grenade bounces from surfaces as they move away from characters;
  • Reduced the volume of the signal marking the end of the bonus weapon period in "Deathmatch" mode and group chat notifications;
  • Fixed console errors about missing dripping water sounds on Office.

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  • Increased the distance of audible sounds of breaking glass in windows;
  • Fixed an error where agents from the "Cavalry" set sometimes uttered phrases related to hostages during celebration animations;
  • Adjusted the wear values of many stickers to match the parameters in CS:GO;
  • Corrected the behavior of non-standard console commands in accordance with CS:GO norms;
  • Numerous changes and fixes on Nuke, Mirage, Office, Vertigo, Anubis, and Ancient. 

 You can view the full list of changes here

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