The new game has caused a lot of excitement, but there are also quite a few complaints, which is why the CS2 rating cannot get better. Some of them arise because scammers ruin the situation, as matches are filled with countless spinbots, wallhacks, and aimbots.

Developers have banned hundreds of cheaters in CS2Image credit: Reddit

Players of all levels, including Robin "ropz" Kool from FaZe Clan, have called on developers to ban scammers and nip the problem in the bud. Well, it seems that these calls have been heard, as there has been a massive wave of bans.

A user of the social network "X" with the nickname Crude reported a massive blocking of cheaters in CS2. Users are instantly thrown out of the game, and a notification with information about an indefinite ban appears on the desktop.

Insider Aquarius added that "one of the popular cheats" was found in CS2. According to him, software users block the functions of the Steam trading platform. Valve also punishes gamers who play with a cheater in one group.

The VAC Live system is responsible for the bans in the new shooter. Among other things, it can detect a cheater before the match starts. If a malicious user is found during the game, the technology cancels the meeting and nullifies the result.

The exact number of blocked accounts is currently unknown, but players continue to find profiles that are now impossible to play. The banning of cheaters will definitely impact the CS2 rating. Most likely, the new CS2 rating will be much higher when the developers deal with the fraudsters. 

Main image: Steam