Reddit user tkernej discovered a critical bug in CS2. The story began with a screenshot circulating online from the shooter game, where a voting window to kick a player from the session inadvertently included an inappropriate image.

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Earlier in the game, a feature was introduced to add any image, including GIFs, to the screen during voting. The community reports that this allowed malicious actors to obtain users' personal data. Players were advised to stop playing the game to protect themselves.

To display an image to all players in the current match, one had to change their nickname in the profile by pressing Shift+Tab to an HTML code with a link to the image. A video appeared online confirming the possibility of data theft through this feature.

However, CS2 developers released a small update that fixed the vulnerability in the game. This was reported by dataminer Aquarius. Due to the bug, malefactors could access personal data of match participants.

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