A method to get a bulletproof vest for free has been identified in CS2. This happens due to a bug related to a console command that allows you to return all purchased items. This was pointed out by dataminer Thour on their personal page on "X" (the bug was found by another user, and the dataminer decided to publish the information about it on their "X").

Thour noted that when purchasing a bulletproof vest with a helmet, a player who activated the command gets $1000 back. Meanwhile, the vest remains on them. As of the news publication, the bug has not been fixed yet, but it may be addressed in the upcoming patch. And we do not advise trying this method, as you may get banned.

The command to return purchased items:

[instead of the word "key", specify the button you want to bind].

alias "refundall" "sellback 0;sellback 1;sellback 2;sellback 3;sellback 4;sellback 5;sellback 6;sellback 8;sellback 9;sellback 10;sellback 11;sellback 12;sellback 13;sellback 14;sellback 15;sellback 16;sellback 17;sellback 18;sellback 26;sellback 26;sellback 27;sellback 28;sellback 29;sellback 30;sellback 32;sellback 33;sellback 34;sellback 35;play ui\panorama\itemtile_click_02.vsnd_c"

bind "key" refundall

CS2 was released on September 27th. The shooter became available to all users for free and completely replaced CS:GO.

Main image: bo3.gg