Life is tough for players in CS2. Something happens every day. And this time, something interesting occurred. A user with the nickname raseri posted a video showing how he got banned for shooting at the corpse of an ally in Counter-Strike 2 matchmaking. The bug was demonstrated on the gamer's personal page on the social network "X". The video was also uploaded to YouTube. 

During a game on Nuke, the model of an ally got glitched in a standing position without any weapon in hand. After the user started shooting at the teammate, he was kicked out of the game for "inflicting too much damage on allies".

The reason for the error and how to reproduce the bug is unknown at the time of the article's publication. Raseri has contacted the developers asking them to fix this error. Surely, they have already accumulated several volumes of complaints from CS2 players. 

Previously, users discovered that the shooter's performance deteriorates after pressing the Alt+Tab keys. According to gamers, not even the top graphics card and processor can avoid the bug. 

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