Valve released Counter-Strike 2 just a few days ago. Despite some technical difficulties, the project can already boast its first record. Just a few days after its release, CS2 has broken the achievements of previous games and set a new record for unique players.

According to the latest counts, since the release of Counter-Strike 2, the shooter has counted over 31 million unique players. This is the highest figure for the entire Counter-Strike series.

Over 31 million unique players have launched CS2Image credit:

The previous record was set by CS:GO. In May 2023, about 29 million unique users launched the game. At that time, a record for active online players was also set at 1.8 million. The new shooter is currently lagging behind it, managing to gather 1.2 million active players.

It's worth noting that one week has passed since the release of Counter-Strike 2. The game remains free on Steam and continues to receive active support from developers. The shooter has every chance to update this record and reach new heights soon, if the game's support doesn't disappoint new users.

Main image: YouTube