Gamers continue to give CS2 low ratings on the digital store Steam, which is causing a massive drop in the game's online presence. As a result, the game has become a kind of anti-record for the company Valve.

The average online player count for Counter-Strike 2 in September was 976,000 people; over the month, this figure fell by 18.88%, which is a record among all Valve games. The average number of players in Counter-Strike 2 in October dropped to 791,000.

CS2Image credit: SteamDB

This drop in online presence is a record for CS2, which was released on September 27 and had been in beta since the spring of 2023. The previous similar spike was recorded in July. At that time, the average online player count for Counter-Strike was already decreasing by 18.81%. The shooter lost the most players back in the days of CS:GO — in October 2012, the figures decreased by 32.8%.

Almost immediately after the release of CS2, it set a record for peak online presence but failed to beat the results of CS:GO. At one point, 1.47 million people were playing the game simultaneously, while the predecessor's record was 1.81 million people.

So why is the online presence of the shooter falling? Users are still complaining about optimization, bugs, and errors in the gameplay. Professional players continue to criticize Counter-Strike 2. CS2 has become the lowest-rated Valve game on Steam. A recent change in matchmaking in "Premier" mode did not improve the situation with the ratings.

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