From November 9 to December 5 in Counter-Strike 2, the average player rating increased. At the beginning of the specified period, most gamers had approximately 5,000 points in Premier mode. But by the first month of winter, this value had risen to approximately 10,000, which is quite impressive. This was reported by analysts from SCOPE.GG. 

According to the source, in CS2, there has also been an increase in players with a rating of 17,000. Experts attribute this growth to changes in the points awarding system in Premier mode. 

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Previously, Valve released a patch after which players began to gain more rating points for a win than they lost for a defeat. Additionally, according to analysts, in CS2, there were cases where a gamer returned to the game after being inactive, went through calibration, and received 5-7 thousand more rating points than they had before. 

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Earlier, the relationship between the old and new rating systems in CS was revealed. The statistics were collected based on 453,000 analyzed matches. For instance, players with the rank "Silver 1" are most often found at ranks up to 2,400 CS Rating. "Gold Nova 1" starts from 4,900 points, and "AK" players are at 7,900 ELO. At the time of publishing this material, Valve had not responded to the statistics from and had not assessed its accuracy. 

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