CS2 developers continue to work on implementing the "Danger Zone" mode, which was CS:GO's analog of the Battle Royale genre. This discovery in the game's latest updates was shared by a YouTube channel author. 

The blogger reported that in CS2, this mode is referred to as "Survival" and is intentionally not removed from the game's code. A dataminer believes that in the new version of the shooter, the "Danger Zone" mode might be renamed.

CS2Image credit: techpowerup.com

It was also found that Valve wants to expand the statistics table in Premier matchmaking. The studio plans to add new data to it. Developers might also replace the traditional kill and death count with something new. 

The addition of this mode could potentially improve the shooter, because CS2 has lost 30% of its players in the last 2 months. Below is a chart showing the changes in the online presence of CS:GO and CS2 over the past year.

CS2Image credit: Steam Charts 

In September, while CS:GO was still available, the average daily number of players was 976,000. In November, this figure dropped to 714,000. Considering the last 30 days at the time of this news publication, the online numbers have started to rise again, but the increase is marginal — 0.31% compared to the November figures.

Main image: beta.dreamstudio.ai