A player under the nickname satan, who reached the first place in the European CS2 ranking, turned out to be a cheater.

According to him, it took about three weeks of gameplay to achieve this result. On average, he played 5-6 matches per day. Satan noted that every second player in the top of the ranking uses prohibited programs. Identifying such people is simple — their win rate is approximately 90%.

CS2Image credit: Reddit

The cheater revealed that in a match, he encountered another well-known software user under the nickname serbo. He is known for playing with prohibited programs in CS:GO for a long time on FACEIT, and the administration did not ban him.

There have been reports of cheaters in CS2 from many players, but Valve has not taken any effective action to eliminate dishonest gamers or significantly reduce their number.

Below is the ranking for the "Premier" mode in Europe:

CS2Image credit: bo3.gg

Main image: Reddit