Team Vitality's Counter-Strike 2 sniper, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, has topped the list of the strongest players over the last three months at major tournaments in matches against top-20 teams. The sniper has pulled ahead of his teammate Lotan "Spinx" Giladi by 0.05 in the ratings — the rifler's rating is 1.22.

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It's no surprise that this player could claim the title of the best player of 2023. "ZywOo" received the MVP award at the end of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023. The esports athlete's average rating during the championship was 1.35.

"ZywOo" played 10 maps at the tournament. His best performance was recorded on Inferno against Complexity (1.99), and the worst – on Nuke against Heroic (1.04).

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Mathieu Herbaut stood out for the number of multikills in the championship:

  • 4 quad kills per round;
  • 12 triple kills per round;
  • 31 double kills per round.

However, the number of clutches was quite ordinary:

  • 2 in one-versus-two situations;
  • 2 in one-versus-one situations.

The last tier-1 tournament of 2023 will be the BLAST Premier: World Final 2023, taking place from December 13 to 17 on LAN in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Eight teams will compete for a prize pool of one million dollars.

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