Steam user St4ck received a community ban for violating platform rules.

The reason for the blockage is unknown. Usually, Valve imposes such bans in connection with serious violations of platform rules, for example, due to trading items on third-party resources. St4ck has a mixed reputation in the CS community. He has also been accused of fraud.

Online, you can find a large number of videos and investigations in which the trader is accused of fraudulent actions. In the early stages of his activity, he allegedly deceitfully obtained rare skins and violated exchange terms.

The value of all his skins is estimated at $1.45 million. This trader is in the top 3 users with the most expensive inventory in the world. His collection includes several souvenir AWP Dragon Lores worth over $410,000, numerous rare stickers, and other valuable skins. Valve emphasized that they were serious and justify the account ban.

Main image: YouTube