Fans of CS2 have noticed changes in the rules for participating in official tournaments by Valve. Starting with the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 for CS2, players who have reached 14 years old are eligible to participate in the championships by the developers. The new rules were published on the Challenger Mode platform, where the qualifiers for the upcoming major will be held. 

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Previously, participation in majors and their qualifiers was only available to players who had reached 16 years old. The reasons for lowering the age threshold remain unknown at the time of publication, and Valve representatives have not commented on the situation.

The PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024, with a prize pool of $1.25 million, will take place in March in Denmark. Participants of the competition will be determined based on the results of the RMR tournaments. The qualifiers for the RMR for PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 will take place in several stages from January 8 to 21 online. Participants will compete for slots at LAN events in three countries: Romania, Mexico, and China. The championship will be the first major in the history of CS2. 

At the time of publication, more than 820 teams have registered.

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