On the night of January 19th, a new update was released for CS2. Representatives from Valve reported the fixing of a flaw on the Vertigo map, which allowed players to monitor opponents at the opposite point.

The bug was demonstrated by G2 Esports member Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov. The esports athlete discovered a gap in the textures at point A, through which one could see everything happening on the other end of the map.

Valve releases update and fixes texture bug on VertigoImage credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

The fix of the vulnerability on Vertigo was the only change in the new patch. This caused discontent among fans of the shooter. In the comments to the topic, gamers criticized Valve for the lack of updates and complained about other bugs. You can read more detailed information about the update here.

Prior to this, CS2 released a patch fixing the maps Anubis and Ancient.

We previously wrote about fans' concerns that Valve is not releasing major updates for CS2 and, in general, is keeping silent about the game, which has many problems. An update has been released, but it cannot be called major, so fans of the shooter can only wait and hope for the best.

Main image by ensiplay