The developers of Counter-Strike 2 released the patch on November 8. With it, representatives of Valve fixed a lot of flaws maps and bugs of the game. The developers shared this information in the official CS2 blog in Steam, where you can read the full list of all changes.

Valve heard the requests of gamers and added the search for the game in four in the "Premier" mode. In this case, a player who finds a match alone cannot be kicked out of the team. The developers have also adjusted the algorithm of restoring the rating in the "Premier" mode after a long period of inactivity. 

CS2Image credit: YouTube

Users who play alone will be immune from being kicked out of a match if they get into a game with such groups.

As for gameplay, Valve has made changes to grenade behavior, drop sounds from heights (they now extend to the sound of footsteps), and improved performance during melee fights. 

CS2Image credit: YouTube

Visual and sound data from the sabtick is now always displayed on the next frame. And firing long bursts is synchronized between clients and servers by default.

Main image: YouTube