A girl with the username 月光 holds the top spot in the CS2 ladder. A streamer found out about the top-ranked matchmaking leader during a Twitch broadcast, after chatting with her and her teammate.

She shared that she has about 3,000 ELO on FACEIT. She plays CS2 in a group of 5 on US servers. After calibration with a 9:1 score, she achieved a rating of 19,000. At the time of the stream, that loss was her only one in 55 matches; her team faced off against Ricky "floppy" Kemery and Johnny "JT" Theodosiou from Complexity Gaming.

CS2 ranksImage credit: YouTube

She added that CS2's ranking isn't based on individual player metrics. Neither she nor her teammates could figure out how the system awards points. She believes she remains at the top because she plays often. 月光 thinks pro players will surpass her if they invest more time and effort.

Currently, 月光 has a rating of 27,203. This is the result of winning 69 out of 71 matches. Her win rate is 97.18%.

Main image: x.com