Dataminer Gabe Follower has revealed that users in CS2 will be able to play on the snowy Cobblestone map. He spotted a leak about it in the game's files. If it turns out to be true, it means Valve is planning to remake the map in a winter setting.

Apparently, we are expecting a full remake of Cobblestone in a snowy theme. Blend materials for trim and windows are already lying around in the game's files.

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In addition, the dataminer showed off the anticipated interface for Premier. Gamers will be able to fix a nickname in the leaderboard after reaching a certain skill level. 

7 regions will be added to the leaderboard. The ranking system will also change. It will work similarly to the MMR ladder from Dota 2. Players will be able to recalibrate their account once a season or a year.

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Gabe Follower told that overtime will appear in Counter-Strike 2. In addition, Valve will put a limit for starting a lobby with 4 users, so you will have to gather a full stack.

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