Developers continue to please beta version players of Counter-Strike 2 with exciting updates. While Call of Duty adds fluffy troops consisting of cats to their game, CS2 will feature... floating chickens. Well, isn't that good news? Playing will be much more fun, and the frustration of losing will be eased with such "poultry" humor. 

But that's not all the improved interactions with water. If you throw a weapon into the water, splashes will appear on the screen. Additionally, the grenade impact sound in water has been enhanced.

Furthermore, new maps "Anubis" and "Ancient" have been added, replacing the previous "Overpass" and "Vertigo" maps.

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"Anubis" will be available in both regular mode and matchmaking, while the other map is accessible only in regular mode. 

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Other updates awaiting players include: 

• Removal of the "Companions" mode; 

• Improved animation for crouching; 

• Enhanced leg animation.

Players who have access to closed beta testing keys can already experience all the updates.

Main Image: CS LAB