According to dataminer Maxim "Gabe Follower" Poletaev, Counter-Strike 2 may feature a global player ranking system in matchmaking. But that's not all the changes awaiting the ranking system. The insider revealed that developers will first focus on introducing new ranks. Additionally, CS2 players can expect to see seasons. However, to access all these features, players must have Prime status.

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The dataminer also shared that Valve plans to launch a "Training Day" mode for beginners. To prevent frustration and discourage them from quitting the game, newcomers will have to go through a "Young Fighter School." This will involve several training matches against bots and possibly other beginners as well.

Poletaev did not stop there with the information and further mentioned that the company is working on enhancing the eye system. Allegedly, it already exists for all agents, but the models are awaiting updates.

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