Shooter fans have approached Valve with a request about CS2. They want changes to the game's visual effects at the start of a round. Users pointed out a specific effect that appears during freeze time. A user by the name xpacik19x posted this concern on reddit.

CS2Image credit: Reddit

Many gamers "agreed" with this post. CS2 fans noted that because of this effect, many skins look terrible, and on some maps, it's difficult to find a dropped weapon.

Additionally, another fan expressed dissatisfaction with an unpleasant feature in the game's Premier mode. The game still allows a team made up of random gamers to match against a group of five friends.

CS2Image credit: Reddit

The user said that he initially played solo but constantly ran into 5-person teams that coordinated their gameplay better. Meanwhile, his teammates would often start disrupting the game or get frustrated. As a result, AymenBK97 formed his own team to avoid this issue. He noted that with his team, they never once faced off against a full five-person team, only encountering rosters of randomly chosen players.

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