In his X-account, the ThourCS dataminer told about the hidden elements of the main menu in CS2.

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He also showed how the maps selection for matchmaking might look like. Unfortunately, the information was deleted from the social network.

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What he managed to show:

• a tab with a view of the played data;

• Premier mode menu;

• CS360 function;

• exchange contracts;

• modified map selection design.

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The developers will move the filters to the left side of the menu. There will be a list of available maps on the right, and the mode selection will remain on top.

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Earlier, Thour suggested that a full-fledged CS2 release could take place on September 23 of this year or earlier. He analyzed the game code based on the upcoming seasons in matchmaking. Whether this is true or not, fans will be able to find out when the game is already out.

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