If you have any plans for next Wednesday, like going to work or visiting a doctor, you might want to cancel them because there's something more important coming up. Most likely, on that special day (which is already considered special), the long-awaited Counter-Strike 2 will be released. The creators asked their followers on social network "X" about their plans for September 27th.

This peculiar yet intriguing post received responses from various esports clubs and professional players. Most of them anticipate the release of Counter-Strike 2 on September 27th. Some speculate that the developers might release a major update for the beta version or initiate open testing.

CS2Image credit: YouTube

The fact that Valve is concluding the testing of Counter-Strike 2 is evident from the recent major updates for the game's beta version. Moreover, in early September, the company gave access to the beta to over 60% of CS:GO players.

Let's wait and hope that this was a subtle hint towards the release of the much-anticipated game, which was announced in spring 2023.

Main image: 3dnews.ru