Gamers participating in the beta testing of Counter-Strike 2 note the improved accuracy of the Desert Eagle pistol. The fan community unanimously expresses delight, with one player stating:

The Deagle seems the most accurate of all that ever existed.

Some are trying to guess the secret behind this awesome weapon accuracy:

I mean, EVERYONE is raving about the deagle. Is it the hitbox or just pinpoint accuracy? I'm curious, but it's DEFINITELY very noticeable.

The players' glowing reviews of the Desert Eagle's shooting accuracy in Counter-Strike 2 suggest that the beta version of the game has generally received positive feedback. Although pro players point out that it's still a bit raw for competitions.

A reminder that the release of Counter-Strike 2 has not yet occurred, but the developers hinted that it might be on September 27, which is tomorrow. We'll see if Valve didn't mislead its fans with its intriguing recent message.

Main image: Reddit