A new statement from the CS2 developers announced the upcoming release of the shooter has recently appeared online. The information was posted on a promotional page celebrating Steam's 20th anniversary. Company representatives mentioned CS2 in the overview of 2023 releases.

This year isn't over yet, but we've already launched a major Steam client update, started the beta testing for Counter-Strike 2 (which will release very soon), and over 11,000 games are now "Fully Compatible" and "Playable" on Steam Deck.

In the CS2 announcement, the developers stated that the game would be released in the summer of 2023. This might be due to the difference in how seasons are calculated in the US and Europe. In the US, they use the astronomical calendar where autumn starts on September 23rd — the autumn equinox. So, the game might be launched in the next ten days.

CS2Image credit: YouTube

The company also released a patch addressing numerous bugs.


Bug fixes and adjustments for all included maps.


  • Fixes for molotov/incendiary grenades;
  • Fixes for smoke grenades;
  • Fire damage indicators fixed;
  • Adjustments to sniper shot visual trails;
  • Lag compensation adjustments;
  • Updated radar player icons.

Premier matchmaking

Bug fixes and UI tweaks.

CS2Image credit: YouTube


  • Audio tweaks;
  • Adjusted sound effects for gunfire, footsteps, and reloads;
  • Slight stereo sound widening;
  • Fixed issues with footstep sounds and music during deathmatch.


  • Armor number change in buy menu;
  • Fixes for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers;
  • Improved water rendering;
  • Added nametag placements for knives;
  • Adjustable player voice volume;
  • HUD bug fixes and tweaks;
  • Option to turn off animated avatars;
  • Removed some old networking settings from CS:GO not used in CS2.

Main image: YouTube