On August 16, an update was released in the CS2 beta. Valve has rotated the maps and introduced several gameplay changes. Let's take a look at the most important changes.


A new map called Italy has been added to Classic сasual and Battle to the Deathmatch. Anubis and Ancient have been removed.


At the moment the developers have decided to disable the "Classic competitive" in the beta version. In addition, small changes have been made to the shape of the smoke from the smokestack.


Unified StatTrak position on both M4 models so that the stickers are not covered. Also adjusted the sticker sizes themselves.


Developers have updated the hostage models, improved the sound, and added support for multiple team presentation options.

CS2Image credit: ru.csgo.com

What the dataminer found

On x.com famous dataminer Aquarius wrote new details about matchmaking in CS2. He found mention of possible updates in the game files.


Valve has adapted "Classic competitive" to the MR12 system. This is a game up to 13-win rounds. In addition, the developers plan to get rid of short matchmaking.

Mentions of updated freeze and timeout rules were found. Players must wait for a 20-second timer before starting a round in Premier mode. Also, matches will have four 30-second timeouts each and one overtime in case of a tie.

Main image: x.com