On Valve's official website, it was announced that starting from 2025, partner leagues for CS will be banned. This comes as bad news for many teams since participation in tournaments will be limited to those invited by the developers, based on their own rating system.

This change will affect companies like BLAST, which invites numerous partner teams (such as NAVI, FaZe, Vitality, and G2) to their competitions. Starting from 2025, teams will need to secure their spot in CS:GO tournaments solely through Valve's rating or open qualifiers.

ESL will also be affected by these changes, as they currently invite participants based on individual ratings. 

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Additionally, the tournament rules have been updated. Prize tournaments will now be public and determined by objective criteria. 

Why is Valve implementing these changes? Developers believe that the CS:GO system is no longer as open as it used to be. They aim to make competitions more transparent and fair, hence the introduction of new rules. Perhaps these changes could have been implemented earlier, but the company and organizers have their commitments until 2025. 

Do you think these changes will make tournaments more fair?

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