Valve studio has replaced the banner on Counter-Strike's official Twitter with a phrase that presumably hints at the imminent release of CS2. Fans of the series are expecting the release of the new shooter version on September 27, however, there's no countdown on the banner. Instead, it now displays the following inscription: "Dawn of the Final Day". As a reminder, the company previously hinted at the game's launch set for September 27.

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There's also another action by Valve suggesting the approaching release of Counter-Strike 2. An update for CS 2 followed by a rollback was noticed by data miner Aquarius, who shared screenshots on "X".

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The content creator noticed that Valve initially added a patch for the game and then reverted everything back to the old version. Aquarius believes this is the official release of CS2. The data miner compared the current situation to March 22 when the beta version of the game was released.

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