Counter-Strike 2 might release soon, which could increase item prices. We've gathered some top investment ideas.

Collections from Inferno and Overpass

Each map has its own collection. Souvenir sets from them are available during majors for completing special quests. When a location gets an update, its set stays the same. But the Overpass collection hasn't been updated since its 2014 release, while Inferno and Nuke last changed in 2018. All other collections came out no later than 2020. Developers should add many new skins, including those made in-house. The simplest way might be to update collections of two revised maps.

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The old Inferno collection souvenir set was available during majors until mid-2017, and its price increased multiple times. Boxes from the Paris major maintain their price, but they'll likely go up in the future. If new souvenir sets are introduced, they'll become exclusive, which will surely increase their value. The chance of a Nuke collection update is less likely because the map hasn't been revised and might stay unchanged.

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Mirage's collection could also be considered for investment. There's a small chance the map might get an update soon, as it's been in the map pool unchanged for over 10 years.


In CS2, many skins look different: some have improved looks, while others raise questions. It's hard to predict which designs will be popular, but some items have already seen substantial price growth.

The matte and dark Glock-18 "Gamma Waves" became bright and glossy, raising its price significantly. Many players might not realize that skin appearances differ in the new game. For example, you could buy a rare variant cheaply and then sell it for a profit after the game's release.

Pay attention to embossed skins: in CS2, they finally have depth, which increased their value. The AK-47 "Cartel" became pricier during the April hype, and its cost might increase after the game's release.

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Classic popular skins might also increase in value. Many returning players will likely want to purchase their favorite old skins.

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