This week was decisive for the best Valorant teams across the globe, as four major regions had their leagues concluded. The stakes are high as only three teams from each region are invited to the Masters Shanghai, and only winners get the direct playoff seed.

100 Thieves had a rough group stage, winning only three matches out of five, and they had to start playoffs from the knockout round. However, this week they showed some great performance, gaining more form with each match. The winner bracket run was successful but difficult. Full best-of-three series against Leviatan and G2 Esports brought 100T to the grand finals with the map veto advantage. 

That advantage was fully converted as 100 Thieves swept G2 Esports to claim the spot in the playoffs of the VCT Shanghai Masters. They are also the leaders in the VCT Americas Leaderboards with 10 points. G2 Esports and Leviatan will join 100 Thieves in China but will start the tournament from the Swiss round.

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