The earnings of esports players in the LCK have become excessively large. Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur discussed the situation, stating that even a trainee from the second-place team in a tournament will earn more money than the organization's owner.

When summing up all the salary expenses and considering that top teams are making heaps of money, the figures are staggering. According to Gen.G's projections, most teams in other franchise leagues suffer losses of up to $3 million!

Therefore, Hur concluded that it is necessary to limit players' salaries and establish a price ceiling. He appreciated the initiative of the Korean league in setting a salary cap for 2024.

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Under the new rules, there will be a restriction on the maximum amount allocated to a single team. If a team exceeds the limit and continues to swim in money like Scrooge McDuck, they will be required to pay a tax. The money from the tax will be redistributed among other teams.

However, the intention is not to harm top-tier athletes. Exceptions will be made for loyal players who maintain high performance levels. If an esports player achieves victory in three or more tournaments, only 50% of their income will be listed. Similarly, if a player has been with one team for more than three years, 30% of their salary will not be subject to listing.

All these rules will be supplemented and reviewed every two years.

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