When we speak about the clubs with the biggest Counter-Strike legacy, Fnatic is at the top of discussion. However, for the last several years, their approach was to avoid big signings and develop young talents. While there were occasional successful tournaments, most of the time Fnatic was lacking something.

This week might be a signal that the management decided to change its approach. The European club has acquired BlameF from Astralis. The Dane was benched a couple of months ago, and now he found his new team. 

It is worth noting that despite his lacklustre results with Astralis, BlameF is still a solid player when he is not an IGL. Fnatic will not put such a duty as they have bodyy as a captain, so BlameF will be able to focus on his individual performance. Such a format may bring positive transformation to the team.

BlameF replaced kyuubii, a young player who was taken on a trial basis but couldn't play up to the expectations. We hope he finds a good team soon, as this young player can still shine brightly.

This week, Fnatic is playing CCT Season 1 Global Finals, and we will see the new team in action tomorrow.

Main image: x.com