On July 20th, a patch was released for CS2. Along with it, Valve made cosmetic changes to the Overpass and Vertigo maps. Details are currently unknown, keeping the suspense high. The developers have assured players that some fixes have also been implemented. 

For the Overpass map, the following modes will be available: 

  • Deathmatch; 
  • Casual; 
  • Wingman; 
  • Competitive. 

Below is screenshot of the update to this map. 

1Image credit: win.gg

In Vertigo, the following modes will be available: 

  • Deathmatch; 
  • Casual. 

These two new maps have replaced Nuke and Office.

In the workshop, "undo" and "redo" buttons have been added, and some bugs have been fixed. 

Players have already been exploring the training servers to discover new "jump spot" positions. Overpass has turned out to have many of them. Additionally, players can now see the sky and graffiti near the B site.

Are you eager to run around the new maps already?

Main image: Valve