The player with the nickname MetalNewspaper has shared his thoughts on CS2. Previously, he gained access to the beta testing, allowing him to evaluate the gameplay of the new shooter. The user highlighted a major issue that, in his opinion, will bother everyone.

He pointed out that there are processing delays on the server regardless of the image settings. Rendering freezes range from 18 to 20 milliseconds. Such a problem wasn't widely spread on CS:GO servers. Delays were about five milliseconds, which had no impact on the gameplay.

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MetalNewspaper mentioned that due to this, the game controls have worsened. He also believes that Counter-Strike 2 lacks sharpness. Nevertheless, the player is confident that Counter-Strike 2 has the potential to be a great game, but it requires further work, as it currently only brings disappointment.

What are you thoughts on CS2 servers' performance in the future?

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