The insider Tom Henderson shared information about the release of PlayStation 5 Pro. He relied on undisclosed sources for this information. The new version is in development since 2022 under the codename "Trinity".

Game developers are expected to receive dev kits for the new PlayStation as early as November 2023. The console may be released in November 2024.

Unfortunately, many technical details remain unknown, as the sources chose not to disclose them. However, they did mention that the graphics chip will have 30 WGP blocks.

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Those who purchase the PS5 Pro will enjoy fast RAM, high FPS, a special "performance mode" for 8K resolution, and accelerated ray tracing.

Of course, the new console version won't cause any issues with games and accessories compatibility.

In the future, developers will likely shift their focus to creating the PS6, for a release in 2028.

Will you buy the PS5 Pro?

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