The Mid-Season Invitational 2024 is in full swing, and while we're still in the first round of the Bracket Stage, the surprises rush towards us. The first two series went 3:0, and the community expected the same outcome for the match between the number one LPL team, Bilibili Gaming, and PSG Talon, the PCS team that went through the Play-in. 

However, it was everything but smooth sailing for BLG. The Chinese team struggled when it came to macro, and the aggressive playstyle of PSG Talon was truly punishing. The teams were exchanging victories, and everything led to the Silver Scrapes - the infamous song which is being played before every Game 5 at the international events.

Unfortunately, for the PSG Talon fans, the team could not seal the deal and cause an upset. However, many experts now look positively at the club's perspectives during the Mid-Season Invitational.

One more thing to notice: K'Sante has a 5-0 stat in this series. If we look at his pick rate during the whole event, he is by far the most picked champion with a mind-blowing 66.67% win rate (21 games, 14-7). This is definitely a headache for teams and coaches, and it would be interesting to see different approaches to countering the Pride of Nazumah.

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